There are probably not many people that haven’t heard of the incredibly popular nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty. However, it’s believed that it was originally a riddle, and later converted into a nursery rhyme, which is something commonly done with riddles and proverbs that get massively popular like Humpty Dumpty.

Needless to say, its popularity has allowed Humpty Dumpty to become one of the most commonly-known children’s songs across the world. It’s actually even more popular in English-speaking countries due to it being an English song and not officially available in other languages.

The Idea

The nursery rhyme or preschool song Humpty Dumpty is based on the idea of Humpty Dumpty, which is the character this baby song refers to. He actually looks more like a hybrid of an egg and a human than anything else, but the rhyme doesn’t try to touch upon this detail.

The story is that this character named Humpty Dumpty is sitting on a wall. In the second line of the rhyme, we are told that he falls off the wall.

In the third and fourth lines, we have four men and another four men trying to help Humpty Dumpty climb up the wall again but with no success.

However, it’s to be noted that there are different versions of this kids song, and another fairly popular version has only three and another three men helping the character, instead of the four plus four in the above version.

Rise to Popularity

While Humpty Dumpty has got its popularity from many different sources, one of the most prominent among them has been the United States actor George L. Fox. He just didn’t become the character of Humpty Dumpty as an actor, but stopped just short of being an allusion.

This led to “he” as a character featuring in many well-known works of that time, including Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass in 1872.

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