Nursery rhymes are always popular with children of all ages. Not only do the older children and toddlers sing along, but even the newborn babies also have a great liking to them. We have a large collection of nursery rhymes for the newborn which also appeal to children of other ages too! Try putting on a nursery rhyme for a newborn and you can see how it soothes the baby to sleep!

In fact, do not be surprised if your baby even develops a favorite one and see how they react when you put it on. So next time your baby is being cranky or difficult, play their favorite tune and notices the difference! Choose from a wide variety of nursery rhymes ranging from old classics to the recent ones in various languages, including English of course and – we’ve got them all! In the process, we do not want the adults to get bored and as such, we have news and articles regarding famous personalities of India and many other entrepreneurs!