Piggy on the Railway Line – A Life-Lesson worth Learning

As we have said in one of the previous nursery rhyme articles where we reviewed another nursery rhyme, there are many different types of nursery rhymes and children’s songs. However, a lot of them only focus on being fun or interesting, making them a not-so-good option if you’re looking to help your children have fun AS WELL AS learn important lessons or something meaningful.

However, Piggy on the Railway Line definitely manages to buck the trend as a kids song and is probably one of the most important preschool songs you can teach your little one that may go as far as saving their life at some point.

A Crucial Life Lesson

If you thought we were exaggerating when we said that, think again. The poem Piggy On The Railway Line tells the story of a pig that goes near a railway line and starts picking up stone and throwing it away from the line.

Now, there may be nothing wrong with doing that, but the problem is that as a kid (pig), he shouldn’t have gone near the railway line in the first place. Heck, even an adult pig or even an adult human for that matter shouldn’t, which is what should be learned from this toddler song.

This is because this nursery rhyme later says that a train comes at an insanely fast speed and ends up knocking the kid pig over, damaging his bones in the process. The kid pig says that this isn’t fair to the driver running the train, but the driver simply replies that he doesn’t care.

This paragraph is then repeated, and perhaps rightly so, as the kids need to remember well that they should be staying at a very safe distance from dangerous places like the railway line.

This is then followed by the father pig coming to see his kid pig and tells him never to go near the railway line again. The kid pig then follows it throughout his life, and never breaks the promise he made to his father.

Your kid should probably be doing the same, and you can use this nursery rhyme as a tool to ensure that.


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Hickory Dickory Dock – A Nursery Rhyme All About the Clock!

Well, the title pretty much says it all. Hickory Dickory Dock is probably as unique a children’s song as you will ever come across. We are not trying to say whether that’s in a good sense or not, but in a way that it’s about something that most other kids songs authors have chosen to ignore.

Yes, we are not about something most people in the world can’t live without – a timeless piece of equipment known as the clock! And that’s pretty much why it can get interesting for the kids, as they don’t often get to know about the clock.

A Unique, Interesting Preschool Song

Something that makes it even more interesting is that the story actually also talks about a mouse, besides the clock. This is something that kind of makes it a perfectly interesting nursery rhyme for the children, as a mouse is a mammal that usually never fails to interest the kids.

And while the mouse gets their attention, you can quickly use the theme of the nursery rhyme to get your little one familiar with the clock.

The Story

There’s not a story here per se, but basically a series of instances. The rhyme revolves around a mouse running up and down a clock, with the clock striking one when the mouse runs upwards.

However, then it starts running down, making the clock strike the number two, then three, four and then it goes on. Of course, this all happens very quickly, while the actual time that may have passed would likely be not more than a few minutes.

Important Takeaway

While we did say that Hickory Dickory Dock is pretty much all about getting your kids familiar with the clock, it actually manages to be a bit more than that. And that’s why we think it’s one of the better toddler songs to teach to your kids.

This is because it makes it very easy to teach your kid how to count, as the time increases by an hour every time the mouse runs down.

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